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The aim of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust is to promote intellectual freedom regarding the "Holocaust" and to offer a forum to those who contest the orthodox Holocaust narrative. Read our letter-size flyer "The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate", our 15-page color brochure Gaugemaster GM421 OO Gauge Fordhampton Fuelling Point Kit, or watch any of our videos posted at Lot of 12 NEW 2015 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Minions, or read more about us here.

How would you introduce Holocaust revisionism to uninitiated people? Send us your video clip of not more than 2 minutes to Lotus 72C G.Hill GP Mexico 1970 (Spark 1 43 S4281), and we will share it on our social media channels.

CODOH is operated entirely by volunteers. If you believe you can help, please go to our Volunteer page to view the many ways you can participate, Lima L204691 Diesel Locomotive EWS Class 66016 OO Gauge 1 76 (W S1)and please donate to help achieve our mission to repeal anti-Revisionist anti-free speech laws around the world:

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Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 is widely interpreted by historians as an unprovoked act of aggression by Germany. KANAMODELS PRODUCTS INC CN CLASS 3 STATION KIT 109C HO OBAdolf Hitler is typically described as an untrustworthy liar who maliciously broke the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact he had signed with the Soviet Union. Osmo Genius Kit for Fire Tablet (Amazon Exclusive)Historians usually depict Joseph Stalin as an unprepared victim of Hitler’s aggression who was foolish to have trusted Hitler. This article will show that,DALE EARNHARDT JR COCA-COLA POLAR BEAR MONTE CARLO contrary to this traditional historical narrative, Stalin conspired to start World War II and infiltrate the U.S. government to initiate American involvement in the war.

On the fiftieth anniversary of the first landing on the moon, there seems to be very little appreciation of the Germans, chief among them Wernher von Braun, who made it possible. This represents a stark change in attitude from thirty years ago, Vintage ideal gun fight at the ok corral game 1973 in box complete. works well.and probably reflects the fact that most adult Americans now cannot remember when "the lessons of the Holocaust" were not treated as the most-important lessons.

The accusations against the rocket scientists are (1) that they created rockets that killed civilians (a completely hypocritical accusation), GDW Wargame Bloodtree Rebellion Box Fairand (2) that they were personally responsible for unjustified killings of workers in the underground V-2 factory during the war. The main witness for the latter accusation was a man named Yves Béon, a former member of the French Resistance who never made these accusations until after 1969LOT OF 3 WALTHERS HO FREIGHT CARS NIB, and includes details in his narrative (in addition to the basic fact that Arthur Rudolph and Wernher von Braun never came across as monsters) that make it seem unlikely.

One of the great tragedies of the 20th century was the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from their ancestral homes in Europe after the end of World War II.By439-1 1 scale märklin Amateur needle-E 8 Circle to electric operation The Allies carried out the largest forced population transfer—and perhaps the greatest single movement of people—in human history. A minimum of 12 million and possibly as many as 18.1 million Germans were driven from their homes because of their ethnic background. Probably 2.1 million or more of these German expellees, NASCAR 2018 DARRELL WALLACE JR FARMER JOHN 1 24 DIECAST CARmostly women and children, died in what was supposed to be an “orderly and humane” expulsion.

According to Reuters, YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, starting at the beginning of June, will begin removing what they call videos that glorify “Nazi ideology” (Set of six Matchbox pop up collectible play setswhatever that actually means) or promote groups that claim superiority to others to justify several forms of discrimination. 

David Cesarani (Board game the super robot cefs nr 14-3101 cefs complete) was an English historian specializing in Jewish history. He held posts at various universities including the University of Leeds20-97907 Cambria and Indiana 2-Bay Offset Hopper Car w Coal Load (), the University of Southampton and the University of London. This article will deal with his swan song—the book Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews 1933-1949.

A Story Told in 6 Chapters, (in English and French).The Menards O Gauge Santa Fe Covered Hopper Car

Three months after his death and on what would have been his 90th birthday, friends and colleagues gather from across Europe to celebrate the life and legacy of Prof. Robert Faurisson.

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Lawyer Douglas Christie discusses the New World Order and how to be free nevertheless. This video expresses the spiritual core of Douglas Christie's beliefs and efforts to inspire others to be freed. He defended Ernest Zündel during Zündel's trial in Canada.


What do we know about Jewish influence on triggering and perpetuating wars? This new study sheds some revealing light on this unpleasant issue…

A month ago or so we realized that in 2017 Amazon had banned a landmark revisionist book which wasn't even available for sale anymore, Märklin no 346 2 Dining Wagon the D.S.G. in Diamond Box (Stairs 23)and that we had its data right here on our hard drives. Hence, here it is in a revised, second edition!

Increased censorship activities and the reporting about it threw a monkey wrench into our system late March/early April. But now we're back in business,Dapol 4F-044-007 OO Gauge FEA-B Spine Wagon Set Freightliner 640155 6 and with some exciting new books to boot...

Das revisionistische Erstlingswerk Die Lüge des Odysseus des Gründers des Holocaust-Revisionismus, Paul Rassinier, gibt es ab sofort in erweiterter und annotierter Neuauflage...

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After a year of hard work of translating and trans-editing, Carlo Mattogno's new, 830-page Überwerk on the Einsatzgruppen, Volume 39 of our prestigious series 25mm Warhammer 40K WGS painted Orks Big Mek KOR030, is finally available…Maserati 300s 3.0l Spider Team Off. Alfieri Le Mans 1955 JOLLY Model 1 43 jl6005

Zwei revisionistische Klassiker wurden nun in neuer Auflage in unsere angesehene Serie Holocaust Handbücher integriert: Jürgen Graf's 1994er Buch Auschwitz: Forces Of Valor 1 32 Multiple Gun Motor CarriageTätergeständnisse und Augenzeugen des Holocaust sowie Walter Sannings Die Auflösung des osteuropäischen Judentums…BACHMANN 'OO' CLASS 66 724 'DRAX POWER STATION' FIRST GBRF 'WEATHERED' LOCO NEW

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